Bushstill Spirit Products

Namibian Crafted Tequila made from Indiginous Aloe but in the Age old way perfected in Mexico giving it a Distinctive smooth and mild taste.
Namibian Crafted Elegant Single Grain Whiskey, Matured in Fine Oak Giving it a Distinctive Taste with Balanced Flavors.
Ombike Gin
Masterfully Distilled from Indigenous Ma-kalani Palm Fruits and other indigenous Berries and Fruits. Ombike Gin Originate from Namibia....so it is the true Namibian experience.
Namibian Crafted Brandy, Crafted in the age old South African way with finely selected grapes. And perfectly matured in fine oak.
Namibian Crafted Rum, made from Sugarcane Molasses and Tropical herbs and Spices, then mature in Charred Oak to give our Rum its Smokey yet smooth taste.
Bushstill Spirit Products

Bevok Brandewyn(Brandy)
Namibian Crafted Brandy, Crafted in the age old Sout African way with finely selected grapes, matured in Dark Charred French Oak Giving it a Smokey but very smooth taste with caramel notes.

Dorsland Witblits

Nabas Gin

Bushmen's Secrets Gin

Unusual, Mysterious and Unique Gin Crafted from Hand Picked Namibian Marula Fruit that is triple distilled making it exceptionally smooth. Infused with the perfect blend of Wild Picked Artemisia Afra (African Wormwood), Klip Daga (Leonotis leonurus), Tsamma Melon and Other Namibian Botanicals that have been used by the San People (Bushmen) for Hundreds of years.

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